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All refunds have been processed as of October 1, 2021.

(Our apologies it's a bit later than originally stated)

Refunds will post as a credit on your statement as: WIXPAYMENTS*Y2KWOLVESAN FRANCISCO CA
Banks have different processing timeframes, so you may not see the refund post to your account for 3-5 days.
Unfortunately, a $2.48 processing fee will be deducted from each ticket purchased.

Still haven't
received a refund by
Friday, October 8th, 2021?

Let's check into it. Just submit an inquiry below.

Please attempt to use the same email and name you would have used when purchasing the tickets.

Thanks for submitting!
Still No Refund?
If you have questions or input, please feel free to contact a member of the reunion committee (contact information is below). We hope you and your families remain safe and healthy, and we look forward to getting together soon. 

Committee members:

SPS                                                                          SSA

Rhett Briggs –                  Rebecca Delahoussaye Soine –
Ross Molina –                     Mikaela Levy Ford –
Ted Guillot –                           Kristin Brownson Roy –
Colin Shea –                       Colleen Lalor –
John Alford –                          Emily Brown –
Perry Williams –                       Meghan Garcia Edith –
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