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Xtractor 2 0 Keygen Free

Xtractor 2 0 Free: A Powerful Tool to Extract Files from Any Type of Archive or Installer

Have you ever encountered a file that you wanted to open, but you didn't have the right program to do it? Or maybe you wanted to extract some files from an installer or a compressed archive, but you didn't know how? If you have faced these problems, then you might be interested in Xtractor 2 0 Free, a tool that can extract files from any type of archive or installer.

xtractor 2 0 keygen free

What is Xtractor 2 0 Free?

Xtractor 2 0 Free is a tool that can extract files from hundreds of different archive types, installers or otherwise compressed files. It is based on Universal Extractor, a well-known tool that was created and maintained by Jared Breland until he set it on hiatus after the release of version 1.6.1. Xtractor 2 0 Free is the most advanced unofficial modification of Universal Extractor, aiming at the inclusion of many wanted features, improvement of current ones, ongoing support and a central open-source distribution.

What are the features of Xtractor 2 0 Free?

Xtractor 2 0 Free has many features that make it stand out among other similar tools. Some of these features are:

  • Support for a wide range of file types, including common ones like ZIP, RAR, MSI, EXE, ISO, as well as rare ones like WIM, UDF, DMG, XAR, etc.

  • A scan-only mode that can identify unknown file types using multiple scanning applications.

  • A batch mode that can extract multiple files at once.

  • An extraction of audio and video tracks from multimedia files.

  • A user-friendly interface that allows easy customization of settings and preferences.

  • An auto-updater that keeps the tool updated with the latest extractors and plugins.

  • An open-source license that allows anyone to modify and distribute the tool.

How to download and use Xtractor 2 0 Free?

To download Xtractor 2 0 Free, you can visit its official website [here] or its GitHub repository [here]. You can choose between the full version that includes all plugins and ffmpeg, or the lite version that only includes the essential components. The download is a ZIP file that you can extract anywhere on your computer. To use Xtractor 2 0 Free, you can simply drag and drop any file onto the tool's icon or window, or right-click on any file and select "Extract with UniExtract" from the context menu. The tool will then analyze the file and extract its contents to a folder of your choice. You can also access the tool's settings and options by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window.


Xtractor 2 0 Free is a powerful and versatile tool that can extract files from any type of archive or installer. It has many features that make it superior to other similar tools, such as support for a wide range of file types, scan-only mode, batch mode, audio and video extraction, user-friendly interface, auto-updater and open-source license. If you are looking for a tool that can help you open and extract any file you want, then you should give Xtractor 2 0 Free a try.


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